Old Age, Widow, Disability Pension Increased by Rs. 1000 in New Delhi

The Delhi government decides to increase the pension of Old age, Widow and Disability pension. The Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal decided to increase the pension by Rs 1000 for senior citizens, widow and disable people.

After this revision in the pension scheme, senior citizens in the age group of 60-69 years will get Rs 2,000 as pension now as against Rs 1,000 old age pension, while those above 70 years will now get Rs 2,500 as pension compared to Rs 1,500 earlier.

Disability pension for the handicapped people has been increased from Rs. 1500 to 2500 while the pension for widows raised from Rs. 1500 to 2500. The family income limit for availing the pension is currently set at Rs 60,000 and Rs 75,000 per annum for old age pension and disability pension, respectively. The limit has now been raised to Rs 1 lakh as the incomes and the cost of living index have significantly increased since the past revisions.

The government has decided to receive the one lakh new applications under old age pension scheme within one month i.e. January 2017, for whom pension will be due from February 2017. The officials said the government is going to invest Rs. 154 crore for 5 lakh old age pension beneficiaries for the remaining four months of the financial year 2016-17.

Similarly in the Disability Pension Scheme the government will receive 1000 applications per month in the next four months. The government is going to invest Rs. 153 crore in next four month in this financial year 2016-17 under disability pension scheme.

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Hence the revised budget estimate under Old Age Pension would be Rs 765 crore. For the same rate of assistance, budget requirement for 2017-18 will be Rs 1,431 crore for 5.30 lakh beneficiaries. So Delhi government gives approval to increase the financial assistance under old age, widow and disability pension.

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