www.smartcityfaridabad.co.in Slogan Competition for Faridabad Smart City

FSCL has initiated a competition involving citizens to participate in the slogan/tagline competition for Faridabad Smart City. Faridabad City is selected under the track of the smart cities on 21 May 2016. The main vision of slogan competition Faridabad  is to select an appropriate slogan for smart city Faridabad. Faridabad Smart City Limited (FSCL) was established on 12 August 2016 to implement the mission of the smart city in Faridabad. This is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the development process and planning.

The winning slogan/tagline would be adopted by Faridabad Smart City Limited as an official tagline for Faridabad Smart City. The slogan may be in both languages Hindi or English.

Prizes under Slogan Competition Faridabad

1st prize will be of Rs. 11000

2nd prize will be of Rs. 5100

3rd prize will be of Rs. 3100

How to Apply for Slogan Competition Faridabad

The participants can apply online for Slogan Competition Faridabad

  • The entries can be submitted online through www.smartcityfaridabad.co.in
  • Email- faridabadsmartcitylimited@gmail.com
  • Last date of the submission is 18 January 2017 up to 5 pm

Conditions for Slogan Competition Faridabad

Here are some terms and conditions to participate in slogan competition Faridabad.

  • The participant should be the resident of Faridabad and the citizen of India.
  • One participant can send only one slogan either in Hindi or in English and each participant can send separate entry in both languages.
  • The entry of the participant will not be judged on the basis of merit. If the entry is shortlisted a participant will receive the prize money on 26 January.
  • FSCL can reject any entry based on its discretion.
  • The entry of the participant must be original and does not infringe the property rights of third party.
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As per the revolutionary flagship mission of Indian Government that particularly aims at creating 100 smart cities in their 5 years tenure, Faridabad also becomes one of the selected smart cities. The Slogan Competition Faridabad is to collect an appropriate slogan/tagline for the smart city Faridabad.

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